Nia Center of LINY Diversity in cardio dance movement

FINALLY! A program for EVERY body!

Hi Everyone -

Did you know that Nia is for EVERY BODY!

Welcome to class season 2015!

The new year has arrived and with it the opportunity for us to embrace a multitude of new opportunities and experiences, as we dance our way to a healthier lifestyle. I hope for every student to experience all that Nia has to offer. It is NOT just an exercise program - far from it, and there is nothing out there that is being practiced that is as physically effective or empowering,

The Nia Program presents the students with the opportunity to become familiar with one's own body. What you feel, sense, experience, taste, smell, and how you move, as well as how you embrace the stillness. It allows the student to experiment in motion as to what feels good and what does not. Its flexibility allows all fitness levels to participate, ensuring a successful and painless session each and every time. It is ONLY when you do NOT listen to your body that you create a negativity, and create pain or discomfort. Nia is all about LISTENING and RESPONDING to the body's needs.

Nia is an individual experience that is sustained through continued participation. Anyone participating in this program for any period of time can testify to the fact that Nia creates a flow of energy through the body that makes you feel uplifted, energetic, at peace, centered, and so much more.

This year, as we dance through our classes together, be aware of the powerful flow of positivity that is shared, and allow that energy to stay with you as you move through your life to the next class.

As is taught in the martial arts, the more we learn the smaller we become as we realize how much more there is to be absorbed. Be the student. Embrace that concept. Experiment with movements in class and experience the different energy flows. Concentrate on the multitude of sounds you hear as you dance through the routine, get lost in the music and float.

Become unfamiliar with the familiar. You may have danced many times to a routine, but each time it should be embraced as your first, with open curiosity to how it feels to move and yet relax back and enjoy the familiarity of it.

Give thought to the very first Nia class you attended. Consider the ways you have grown, allowed yourself to open up, and consider how you can contribute further to that growth.

Remember, Nia is YOUR program, YOUR movement, with YOUR energy. Become further empowered this year by using the power of concentrtion and resting your mind for the entire hour of dance.

I am proud to teach a program that has so much to offer. I am further in awe of my students and how far they have come since the first time we have danced together.

Welcome Back! I look forward to sharing the joy of movement with you, once again, this year. Patti

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