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Patti Ann has been teaching Nia classes for sixteen years, and Zumba for eight years.

She received her Nia training in LaJolla, California with Debbie and Carlos Rosas, the

amazing founders of The Nia Technique.

''I knew I had found the PERFECT program to teach. I couldn't wait to get started. Just

like Debbie and Carlos, I had been looking for something kinder, healthier; something

with more to offer the body than the pounding-down, and competitive programs so

eagerly offered to all levels of students all over the place.

I knew there had to be more and was in total awe when I saw the ad in Shape magazine.

I couldn't wait to get to class, and then once certified, I couldn't wait

to start teaching this miracle program.'' I taught at three studios in East County of San

Diego for several years, and until July of 2015, I was teaching classes in my home studio

located on eastern Long Island, as well as various locations, whether a church or other social event.

I have been dancing since I was three years old, when I began ballet classes with a division

of the New York City Ballet for children and continued until I was nine. At that time, a

move to Long Island from Brooklyn facilitated the change to England School of Dance,

where I remained a student until graduating high school. I taught pre-schoolers and

enjoyed it immensely.

Only after working in physical medicine and rehabilitation, did I begin to realize how much

more the body needed. That the body is a complete working system and all three parts -

body-mind-spirit - must be involved to evoke a successful change, and positively develop

a healthy lifestyle.

It still was not until years later that I found the article on Nia Intensives.

Ever since the first day that I laid eyes on the Nia ad, I knew. And still today, every time

I prepare to teach a class, I know . . . The changes have been tremendous in my life.

Somehow, along the way, I had lost the joy of movement. Nia led the way back, and I followed .

Give Nia a chance. Just keep coming to classes, not thinking about it; just following the

routines and cues, and you will be amazed with the results. Let's take a look at the four realms of Nia practice below:

THE ROLE OF THE BODY in Nia is to generate and use body intelligence (Sensory IQ), to feed you information so you can safely, pleasurably, and efficiently work out. Keep your sensory IQ smart with Nia's movement and energy variety. Connect to all nine energy personalities.

THE ROLE OF THE MIND in a Nia class is to use both sides of the brain. The mind of intelligence - the left side- is your verbal, linguistic director, and is triggered when we encourage you to think, choose, make decisions and speak.

The mind of imagination - the right side - is your holistic, analogical, metaphorical information center, which transfers characteristics of emotions, imaging, and particularly ''body image''messages. Keep your mind sharp by using visualizations that trigger you to imagine and ''see'' pictures, colors and shapes.

THE ROLE OF THE EMOTIONS in a Nia class is to create personal, systemic movement that is natural to you. Emotional involvement empowers you, and supports physical movement from the inside out. Keep your emotions running by vocalizing ''no,'' ''yes,'' ''maybe,'' ''I can,'' or ''I will.'' When you become personally motivated, involved and interested in what you do, more of you is involved in working out. This means more bang for your buck and a greater return on your investment. Use your fingers and hands to express how movements make you feel. Engaging the fingers and hands activates brain activity, engages the emotional body, and physically keeps tension out of the neck and the shoulders.

THE ROLE OF THE SPIRIT in a Nia class is to connect you with your unique individuality. Spirit is the energy that allows you to be you. When the spirit realm is encouraged to be a part of your experience, there is a unique connection that occurs between your inner and outer worlds. When you connect to your spirit, there is a sense of intimacy, meaning and purpose - you feel complete. Like you, each of Nia's 52 moves has its own spirit.

When you integrate all four realms into your workout and life, you infuse your body with intelligence and healing energy that turns ''working out'' into ''inner work'' that changes your body and your life.

So, are you ready yet? Take off those shoes and join in a Nia class!

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